A nutty, malty blend filled with chocolate and caramel flavours

Our Brazilian coffee offers an intense and smooth taste, from a Fairtrade cooperative founded in 1989. It has a full body with notes of dark chocolate and forest fruits. The combination of tastes gives you a long bittersweet finish that will keep you coming back for more, time and time again.


  • Strength 6
  • Sweet and nutty
  • Dark chocolate
  • Caramel

About Sailors’ Society’s work in Brazil

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Sailors' Society in Brazil

One day, when Sailors’ Society chaplain Regina Borges de Paula boarded a ship in Rio, one of the seafarers came rushing over to her, anxious to call home. His wife was heavily pregnant and he was desperate to talk to her.

Regina said: “I gave him access to our wi-fi and when he called her he got a huge surprise as she had given birth. They had a long chat and he saw his baby for the first time; both he and his wife were so thankful.”

Away from home for months, seafarers are often unable to access facilities and Regina has transported more than 3,000 seafarers to the city from the port.

Regina added: “I took one seafarer to the dentist and he couldn’t believe I was doing it for free – he said that he didn’t deserve such kindness. We serve all seafarers regardless of their rank, faith or circumstance. The greatest reward is the friendship between us.”

Regina transforms seafarers’ lives at home, in port and at sea.