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BySea is a Social Enterprise that invests 100% of its profits to Sailors’ Society, an international maritime welfare charity supporting seafarers, their families and communities at home, in port and at sea.

BySea launched in 2016 with ethically sourced, exceptionally roasted, beautiful tasting coffee. Nearly 100% of coffee coming to the UK arrives by sea, meaning we are reliant upon the shipping industry and its crews for a product most of us drink each and every day.

Coffee was an obvious place to start. But, we aren’t content with coffee as our only product and have lots of exciting plans for the future.

Our products also highlight the work of Sailors’ Society, from our global chaplaincy programme to projects in seafaring communities.

Around 1.5 million people work as seafarers across the globe and hundreds of thousands of them pass through the major ports of our country every year. In their work many of them regularly face the pain of prolonged separation from family and friends, the discomfort of freezing temperatures and enclosed surrounding, the possibility of pirate attack and (of course) the dangers of the sea itself.

It is not unusual for seafarers to be away from home for up to nine long months at sea. BySea products help to share the story of producer to consumer, to help us have a greater understanding of how the products we use have come to be in our hands. We really are thankful for seafarers who we think, really are, modern day heroes.

Sailors' Society has significantly expanded its programme work over recent years, helping many more seafarers and their families. We now have more than 100 chaplains and ship visitors working across 87 ports and are transforming lives in seafaring communities with everything from building new homes to providing bikes to get to school.

Sailors' Society have a crisis response centre in Durban. The rapid response service exists to assist traumatised seafarers after piracy attacks and other crisis-at-sea situations. A network of trained port chaplains, drawn from a range of maritime welfare agencies, provides a 24-hour service in South Africa, Ghana, Madagascar, Mozambique and Réunion.